Pin-It 2: DIY Birthday Chalkboard Complete

Phew, I did it. And if you are wondering to what I am referring to, please do read on- its a doozie. 5 months ago, I posted what I like to call a 1st birthday memento dream of mine. First word “birthday”, second word “chalkboard”. In the last few years, chalkboard designs have come into their own, regardless if it is for your work, home, or even wedding evenUnknown-20t. But more specifically, my interest along with thousands of other moms out there is creating a memorable memento for your kids party and more. Baby A’s 1st birthday has come and gone since my infamous love of the birthday chalkboard. She is now walking, getting ready to be potty trained, and is starting to complete sentences. Yet yesterday, I walked into my dinning room and realized I had stopped short of completing it. I do believe that is the problem with DIY’s. If you are not really self motivated for the long hall or make time to start it and finish it, well it stays in your dinning room. Thus the DIY becomes a  AUP, otherwise known as  “another uncompleted project”. And representing the Aquarius world, I know that I start a lot of things but only finish a few. But with a new year trekking along, one can always cross their fingers for a chance at new beginning. Therefore my 2015 beginning reflects a DIY dream of mine. To finish what I started! So let’s go back 5 months and see where I started.

images-61As an avid interest fan and user, I came across the birthday chalkboard board. With an overwhelming since of joy and intrigue, I pursued several pins and coordinating sites. Very quickly I realized that Etsy was the place to be for customized, hand painted, laser printed, poster board, and wood transfer birthday boards. Although with every click, I started to notice that the price tag that went along with these amazing pieces of art- were kinda out there. True enough some ranged in the mid-thirty’s, but once you added shipping that quickly changed. Then I came across a jewel of a find. Ta-dah, a website called MerelyMothers! I quickly pinned the link and thus my DIY adventure began. Note till this day, it is my most re-pinned find on pinterest. I get at least four to five notices a day that refer from my pin into my inbox. These two ladies had found a more reasonable way to recreate the chalkboard work of art craze. Of course, I modified my version. Here is a snip it from my post 5 months ago regarding getting the font just right on the boards:

Now for the big challenge, trying to replicate the fonts and some design aspects of both boards onto my foam board project. I did come across Merely Mothers who had found a way to replicate adorable fonts onto your DIY faux birthday chalkboard. My only issue with their idea was you had to print out your fonts from your computer and then trace onto the board using the print as a template. Although it was a brilliant idea, one I did not want to use up my ink and two I really did not want to think about buying several cartridges to complete this project. And if you know me, I found a way to save me some money. All it took was some paper, painters tape, and my laptop. Not to mention the doilies really helped put on an extra layer of design. This idea came from Under the Sycamore site which featured a homemade canvas tote featuring dolly design with monogrammed letter. Her ingenious idea of using a doily to get a great print is exactly what I decided to do.

In the end, to get the letters I wanted on the board I placed a piece a paper over my laptop screen and traced the phrases on the paper and then later traced it on the board. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it wasn’t. Not to mention I’m always trying to save money on computer ink.


Inspiration Board


This was stage one of the board.

My original post was a success, but I never got passed the name stage of the board. A good start, but an incomplete board all the same. Fast forward to yesterday and my DIY dining room death trap. And it is there where I made my vow to get it done. Granted I had added a few more layers to the board but forgot to take pictures. So as I began to watch an episode of Archer, one of my guilty pleasures that really makes no sense. I quickly tapped back into my DIY mentality and began to finish what I had started all those months ago. Of course, I never forgot to look back at my inspiration board. The one image that was holding my goal together, besides the fact that my daughter would be turning two soon and I still had not finished it. Time does fly by the way.

Two hours later, I had finished my master piece. I added Baby A’s birthday invitation as a small memento to the board since I was framing it and hanging it up in her room. Eventually, I will post what it looks like hanging up in her new big girl room.

So, what do you think? Be honest. I would love to hear your thoughts. Before we hang it up in Baby A’s room, we plan on getting a purple frame mount. I am not a fan of the white frame insert. It seems to be a poor representation of the idea behind the concept of a birthday board. I’ll be headed off to Michael’s tomorrow to use my 40% off regular price coupon. And yes, the boxes are crooked a little bit because I did the doilies first and not after the boxes. Human error still becomes beautiful in my eyes.



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