Parent Haven- DIY Birthday Chalkboard

Even though my little’s girls 1st birthday has come and gone I still was crushing on the infamous “birthday chalkboards”. It’s on almost every Pinterest board, google images has more than half a million hits, etsy has tons of digital creations, and more. Now as I perused through google, etsy, and Pinterst I came across these two boards

I loved them both and quickly thought, hmm, I am going to combine the two styles. Of course I had no idea on how to start such a project but that is the beauty of being in the 21st century. Everything is at the reach of your fingers via the Internet. Therefore without further ado, I came across the Under the Sycamore site which featured a homemade canvas tote featuring dolly design with monogramed letter. Her ingenious idea of using a doily to get a great print is exactly what I decided to do. As usually this meant a trip to Michael’s with my coupon in hand. I do love when Michael’s has the additional 20% off including sale items. I swear it was like Christmas in July (sorry I got the materials last week). The supplies in my cart where:

  • Various Paint Colors (buy at least five and it was  $0.69 cents a color).
  • Black Foam Board
  • Doily Package of 30 ($1.99 wedding isle)

Note-I already had the paintbrushes.

Now for the big challenge, trying to replicate the fonts and some design aspects of both boards onto my foam board project. I did come across Merely Mothers who had found a way to replicate adorable fonts onto your DIY faux birthday chalkboard. My only issue with their idea was you had to print out your fonts from your computer and then trace onto the board using the print as a template. Although it was a brilliant idea, one I did not want to use up my ink and two I really did not want to think about buying several cartridges to complete this project. And if you know me, I found a way to save me some money. All it took was some paper, painters tape, and my laptop.

That is right, I placed a piece a paper over my laptop screen and traced the phrases on the paper and then later traced it on the board. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it wasn’t.

The fun part of my DIY chalkboard journey has finally begun take a look.

Hopefully, next week I will be done with the lettering and then I can move on to the pictures and framing the board. The goal is to have this featured in my little girls new big girl room next month. Haven111, I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


Lastly, Haven111 followers we have an instagram account now labeled h8ven111

Stop by and check it out and follows us too.


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